Resource: Armed Forces & Society

The Inter-University Seminar on Armed Forces and Society is a forum for the interchange and assessment of research and scholarship in the social and behavioral sciences, dealing with the military establishment and civil-military relations.

IUS is based on the premise that research on military institutions is best conducted across university, organizational, disciplinary, theoretical, and national lines. The Fellows of the IUS differ widely in their strategic and political outlooks, but they share the common view that objective research on military organizations is a worthy endeavor. They believe that such research makes an invaluable contribution to citizen understanding of armed forces.

Headquartered at Loyola University Chicago, the IUS has Fellows in over 35 countries. The IUS publishes the leading journal in military-related research, Armed Forces & Society, a subscription to which is included as part of an IUS Fellowship. The IUS maintains contact with its diverse membership through its Biennial International Conferences, email notices, and periodic updates to its site.